EP Trials Review
December 5, 2020
Less life-year loss in AF patients over the last decade.
In the Framingham Heart Study, the mean number of life years lost to AF at 10 years improved significantly over the past 45 years, but a 2-year gap compared with individuals without AF was still present. (..click for more..)
Kaplan Meier curve
Early rhythm control in AF patients is associated with lower CV events. (..click for more..)
Silent cerebral ischemia is not uncommon in AF patients and is associated with worse cognitive function. (..click for more..)
CRYO-ablation for 1st Line Treatment of Symptomatic Paroxysmal AF
In this largest RCT to date, cryoablation as the first line treatment of symptomatic paroxysmal AF significantly reduced AF recurrence as assessed by continuous cardiac rhythm monitoring. (..click for more..)
In patients with an indication for an ICD but no indication for pacing, the entirely subcutaneous ICD was noninferior to the transvenous ICD with respect to device-related complications and inappropriate shocks. (..click for more..)
ECG Interpretations: Accuracy, Alternative, and Advance
In a meta-analysis of 62 studies, physicians at all training levels had deficiencies in ECG interpretation, even after educational interventions. Artificial intelligence, using deep neural network, has been shown to be as good as or even better than human in ECG interpretation. (..click for more..)
HCQ: Cutting Recurrent Congenital Heart Block in Half
In this prospective cohort, hydroxychloroquine significantly reduces the rate of recurrence congenital heart block below the historical rate by >50%. (..click for more..)
Electronic Gaming and Life-threatening Ventricular Arrhythmias
In several case reports of patients with underlying arrhythmogenic conditions, ventricular arrhythmias were shown to be associated with strong emotion related to electronic war games. (..click for more..)

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