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cardiac arrhythmias tutorials at your fingertips.
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J-Wave Syndrome 
A Brief Introduction with Latest Update on J-wave Syndrome
Arrhythmias Update  H2-2019
Trials and Guidelines Update of the 2nd half of 2019.
Top Tracings  you need to know before the exam.
Common tracings including ECGs, EGMs, and device tracings, that may appear in the board exam.
Non-cardiac Causes  of abnormal ECGs.
Abnormal ECGs from lungs & brain pathology, electrolyte abnormalites, and other metabolic derangement.
Cardiac Rhythm Devices  in HF 2019.
Optimal candidates for CRT & ICD & Update on new devices for HF.
IBHRE Tutorials  • 2019 Update
Basic EP | ECG | Clinical Practice for cardiac rhythm device specialists.
Basic Pacing  Concept
Multiple-choice Questions with detailed Answers in basic pacing concepts.
The  earlier
Summary of the latest EP Guidelines
Included the Guidelines up to May 2019.
AF  Risk Management
What causes AF and what AF may cause.
His Bundle Pacing
Rationale and concept of His bundle pacing vs CRT.

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Heart Rhythm Box is a collection of web-paged style presentations in clinical cardiac electrophysiology topics. The page is created mainly for educational purpose. We believe that presentations should be more interactive and easily accessible. All pages are mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, and of course, notebook and desktop-friendly.

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t' Thon, the screen name of the author, is a novice web developer, a wine enthusiast, and a cardiac eletrophysiologist by training.